Taxes in Belize

Under the International Business Company Act of 1990, IBC’s are exempt from most types of taxation. Exemptions include all income of an IBC, all dividends paid by an IBC to persons resident in Belize or elsewhere, all interest, rent, royalties, compensations and other amounts paid by an IBC to persons who are not resident in Belize, capital gains realized on any shares, debt obligations or other securities of an IBC by persons who are not resident in Belize.

For Trusts, provided that the settlor is not resident in Belize during a tax year, that none of the beneficiaries are resident in Belize during that year, and that the trust property does not include any land situated in Belize, exemptions include the income of the trust for that year from all provisions of the Income Tax Act. No estate, inheritance, succession or gift tax. Duty is payable with respect to the trust property by reason of any death occurring during that year and no stamp duty is payable on all executed in that year and relating to the trust property or to transactions carried out by the trustee on behalf of the trust.

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