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Registration of small and pleasure crafts in Belize

The registration of a small and pleasure craft (private or commercial yacht) is a very simple and fast procedure. All the necessary originals of documents and licenses may be obtained directly in Designated Office of IMMARBE in Ukraine at the same day of application where documents required for provisional registration are submitted.

According to international rules and regulations of Belize the procedure for the registration of small and pleasure crafts consists of two stages:

  • Provisional Registration
  • Permanent Registration


The provisional registration of a pleasure craft implies the filing of all the necessary documents by e-mail and settling of the relative payment. Within 1-2  working days the originals of all documents and licenses will be dispatched by courier to your address. Provisional registration is valid for 6 months and may be extended if required.

* Please pay your attention that the provisional registration of the pleasure craft may be effected without Deletion Certificate. In this case an owner has to provide a Guarantee Letter stating that the same will be provided during the provisional registration.

The permanent registration implies the submission of the originals of all documents which copies were provided for provisional registration as per the list.

The Certificate of Permanent Registration for pleasure yacht is valid for 1-3 years providing that Annual Tax as well as fees for services of  Shipping Agent in Belize for these years are duly paid.

Our qualified personnel will assist you during the process of documents filing and the completing of application forms so that you can spend less time collecting the necessary documentation.

Should you have any questions contact our Designated Office of IMMARBE in Ukraine:



+38 (0552) 415304

+38 (0552) 415305


E-mails:  - for vessel registration matters;     -  for officers certification matters.

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