Registration of a Ship in Belize in Two Steps

Belizeis a favorable country for a registration of all kinds of ships and yachts due to the high rate of the flag and short terms required for the issuance of the necessary documents.

The procedure for the registration of the ship in Belize is very simple and fast:


STEP 1: Copies of Documents – Provisional Registration

Copies of all the available documents of the ship that is planned to be registered under Belize flag should be submitted according to the list; all the required application forms should be completed and relative payment should be effected. Within 1-2 working days originals of documents and licenses will be dispatched to the previously informed address or directly on board of the ship.

Provisional registration is valid for 6 months and may be extended if required.


STEP 2: Originals of Documents – Permanent Registration

Originals of all the documents submitted earlier in copies according to the list should be provided along with the relative payment. Originals of documents and licenses will be dispatched to your address or on board of the ship.

The period of validity of registration certificates and radio licenses of the ship is unlimited providing that Annual Taxes are duly paid.


Should you have any questions contact our Designated Office of IMMARBE in Ukraine:



+38 (0552) 415304

+38 (0552) 415305

E-mails:  - Registration Department       - STCW Department

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