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Registration of a Yacht (Commercial)

Registration of commercial yachts in Belize provided by Designated Office of Maritime Administration of Belize in Ukraine. Main requirements.

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The procedure for registration of a commercial yacht consists of two stages:


  • Provisional
  • Permanent


Provisional Registration of Yacht (Commercial)

The provisional registration is valid for 6 months. During this time, the owner is expected to submit all relative documentation necessary for the permanent registration of the yacht.


The following is the list of documents required for provisional registration of yachts:

  • Completed application form for registration.

  • Completed application form for maritime ship station license.

  • Proof of Ownership in the form of duly legalized or certified by Deputy Registrar Bill of Sale, Auction Document or Builder's Certificate.

  • Copy of yacht’s deletion certificate from the previous Registry or permission to transfer or delete or consent to transfer Registry from the current Registry OR Letter of Reliance in free format stating that the original will be submitted during provisional registration.

  • In accordance with the requirements of Registration of Merchant Shipping Act, resident shipping agent/company must be chosen and appointed by Power of Attorney.


The shipping agents in Belize act as an “assured communication link with owners” in accordance with the requirements of Registration of Merchant Shipping Act as well as the provisions of Act. 10(2) of the U.N. Convention of Conditions for Registration of Ships.


  • Declaration concerning the vessel’s intended use (commercial or private) as well as the area of operation. Such declaration can be signed by the owner, operator or their manager. It is an offence under IMMARBE’s Disciplinary Regulations to register a yacht as private yacht when it is in fact in commercial use.

  • Details of the authorized Recognized Organization or individual Surveyor who will be responsible for surveying the yacht on behalf of our Administration and the issuance of the relevant certificates applicable to this yacht.

  • Appointment of an authorized Radio Accounting Authority.

  • The settlement of yacht’s AAIC radio accountsconfirmation of non-encumbrance.

  • Copies of ISM&ISPS Certificates (where applicable).

  • Evidence of Hull, Machinery and Third Party Limited Liability Insurance Cover.

  • The Manning and Personnel Certification applicable to the yacht registration.

  • Payment of the respective registration fees.


Permanent Registration of Yacht (Commercial) :

The following is a list of documents which must be submitted for the permanent registration of a yacht.

  • Original or certified true copy of a duly notarized Bill of Sale.

  • Original or certified true copy of a duly notarized Power of Attorney executed by owner thereby appointing a Shipping Agent in Belize.

  • Original of the Deletion Certificate from previous Registry.

  • Copies of all certificates issued by recognized organization or individual surveyor on behalf of IMMARBE and referred to in corresponding Codes applicable to this yacht.


All documents must be in the English language or, if not in English, accompanied by an English translation thereof.


N.B: It is a condition of registration that all yachts should comply with the national legislation and regulations of each State in whose territorial waters they operate.

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