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New Requirements for Status Change of Belize Registered Vessels

In order to have a Statement of Authorization for the change of status issued, the Owner/Operator shall submit to our Designated Office the following:

  • A complete Application Form (TDF-006) addressing the change of status and the period needed.
  • A non-inconvenience confirmation of the change of status from the Recognized Organization.
  • Confirmation if the LRIT&AIS will be operational during this period. If the LRIT&AIS need to be deactivated or switched off, reasons of this action need to be provided.
  • Request of a new Minimum Safe Manning Certificate, if a reduced crew complement is needed during this period.

LRIT&AIS must be fully operational during dry-docking or laid-up period. If the LRIT&AIS should be deactivated or switched off during dry-docking or laid-up period, an immediate notification to IMMARBE’s Technical Department shall be made in order to authorize such action. Failure to comply with above, the vessel will be considered in contravention with the MMN-19-005r1 “WARNING of Belize Flagged Vessels caught intentionally deactivating the LRIT & AIS”.

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