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Period of Free Reissuance of Endorsements of Old Format is Coming to an End

In May 2017 in order to comply with Manila Amendments IMMARBE have developed a new design of Endorsements. All Endorsements issued before May 17, 2017 were not in compliance with 2010 STCW Convention due to the fact that those Belize Endorsement Certificate made reference to Regulation I/2 paragraph 9 instead of the paragraph 11.

In this regard, from June 2017 Belize has been processing reissuance of all valid endorsements issued by IMMARBE before 17th of May 2017 free of charge. All seafarers holding Officer’s Endorsements of old format may still apply for a free reissuance which will last till 31 December 2017. After 31 December 2017 reissuance period will be ceased. From 1 January 2018 holders of Belize Endorsements of old format will have to apply for a new Officer’s Endorsement and pay relevant fees for the application.

Any request for the reissuance of the Officer's Endorsements stcw@immarbe.com.ua

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Designated Office:



+38 (0552) 415304

+38 (0552) 415305


registry@immarbe.com.ua  - for vessel registration matters;

stcw@immarbe.com.ua       - for officers certification matters.


Best Regards,

Marine Safety Management Ltd.

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